What helps you more juggling your life style besides fabulous app?

Mason O.
What helps me in addition to fabulous app is to have a life goal and plan that I can see how achieving fabulous app targets is aligned and fit to my life plan and helping me to get there … I feel I’m not alone when I use fabulous app like a companion that is I interested in my progress and development
Marius Z.
The single most important thing is daily and Weekly to do lists. These lists keep me focused on achievement goals and life's recurring necessities. I am enjoying integrating fabulous which is helping me create blocks of time for specific tasks and activities.

To keep balance, I set goals in a variety of areas, not just work.

Augustin O.
For xmas I got my daughter a amazon Alexa, and it honestly has made juggling the family events and running the house so easy. We just tell it when we need reminders set or what to add to the grocery list and who is in charge of what chore and it sorts it all.
Emma A.
I keep various to do lists, both short and long term, and I check them off as I go.
Anna E.
Remembering to check my to do lists so that i stay on track… staying away from social media!!!!!!!
Andrew Q.
Waking up early and exercising are two ways I create extra quality time and energy. These two habits are responsible for my mood shift, ability to get the priority things done, and then take it easy with life. I have a jampacked schedule with client meetings, to elementary school kids doing various sports, full-time school schedule, and running my own business. The sheer amount of things I have to remember and tasks I have to complete to run a happy, well fed, homework done, clean household along with giving myself time to write a poem daily, exercise daily, do a painting daily, run a business, advise two businesses, volunteer (I do 6 hrs ave/wk) are overwhelming and impossible if my head is not in the right place. If I was depressed and didn’t feel like getting out of bed, I make sunshine happen because I have to. And I love it. Because at the end of the day, I relish the feeling of accomplishment I get and appreciate that my life is so full and my time on earth is not wasted. I only make it happen because I have the basics down which is exercise and getting up early.
Peter S.
Routine. Doing the same things over. To keep them ingrained.
Taking regular breaks. Even if just for 5 mins. Using a rolling to do list to keep on top of stuff to be done. Plan but be flexible.
Abby N.
Creating habits one by one and trying to stick to them. I also use the punishment and reward method so I can keep doing well
Mila I.
I have been helping a friend out by taking care of her mother. She keeps me busy. Iam doing a live in 5 days a week off on weekends. And Fabulous been helping me alot. Started drinking water more and started doing exercises and eating bkf. First thing in the morning.