What is the best method for keeping a to-do list?

Ernest N.
Have a special routine/ place. Notebook for work, black pen. Envelope for home with blue ball point.
Ted T.
Google has made an app for list making and you can access it on your phone or any computer you can log into your account on. I find it easier to keep a to-do on my phone since it's harder to lose than a scrap of paper. Bullet journals have also been helpful for me
Ramberto E.
I like to use simple pen and paper and number each priority with a number from 1-10. 1 being most important. I try not to write anymore than 10 things ina. Day as that can become overwhelming
Derci E.
It reminds you of the things you must do day by day every day and months for example I go to day program in Milton nh instead of working part time job, I stay busy and calm on my medication to help me try not to forget things like being a rockstar every day and juggling my life this menthon mentally helps me stay focused on what s really important in life to successful I have grown up and learned more about myself from the fabulous app
Mathilda Q.
Prepare mini lists that have different themes, and keep them all together in one place.
Albert N.
In my opinion, you should keep a to-do list in a style that is enjoyable, simple to use and effective. There are so many options. I read the 12 WEEK YEAR book and it shaped the way I do lists. Now I have several separate lists, one contains my all ambitions relating to my whole life (could be too ambitious) another list more realistic based on my life goals and designed to achieve in the following 3 years. And then my best effective 12 WEEK Plan comes and based on that I set my weekly plan, I have a pocket-sized notebook for that, really decent and convenient to use. I check it once a week, I measure how much I achieved my weekly goals in percentage and set new week goals. When it comes to daily goals, as it is not the best way to use my tiny notebook all the time, I have to do an app which is simple. I prefer the app to do list because I can type anytime, anywhere and record my voice even if my hands are busy it is easy to utilize. That app shows me how many goals left for the day, I try to accomplish my goals until number icon shows what I want to see. So I use various options. I love mixing, using new styles, and possibly I can have a new way of keeping to do list in the upcoming year! I don’t like the ordinary style. I wish my notebook contains motivational and positive quotes. Colorful pictures but in the market, they don't sell such ones in our city. So if I have time I do myself. Hope you liked my response!
Ismet T.
I use a bullet journal to make my plan for the week/day.
Then I type out the action items of the day on Google Keep on my phone, marking out the top 3.
It's not about efficiency, it's about mindfulness for me.
Bruce P.
Multiple answers apply. The best way is the one you will continue to use over time. One option, organize by location – things to do on social media, in the kitchen, when i leave the house, etc. A small notebook you write everything down in that fits in your pocket can be useful if you don’t mind a messy book. Choosing priorities for the day, or a focus for the month and highlighting those goals or to do items related to them every day can also help with focus. A todo list should always have non urgent things like, play with my cat, or practice guitar or other rewarding things that are easy to overlook but are very rewarding to do. Don’t over complicate and break steps down too much. BulletJournals are a good option too and all the rage. I have to say too that if you are organizing tasks lists by project, be consistent and organize your email inbox, desktop folders, paper files and everything with the same system. It saves tons of time. I spent a long time evolving my planning system to suit my needs- and i’ve explored many systems. It doesn’t matter how good a way is if it is too complicated to follow or takes too long.
Miriam C.
I've kept a planner most of my life, as I have been a serious student most of my life. Writing things down in a planner is actually the best way for me to remember things and think things through. Using a bullet system for a to do list has been helpful for me, because it adds a little more creativity to it.
Cl Mentine Q.
I have a master list for all my to dos in excel. I'm testing this since a week and I like the flexibility to change the order without writing the tasks over and over to move them to the next day.
I still am fighting with an overloaded list. For this problem I try to count the available time, then save time for breaks and relaxation, and 50 % of the remaining time to be more realistic how much I can do.
Id like to hear the other opinions out there too, thank you!
Margie Q.
to just start and to make sure the goals are small and easy to do
Brianna C.
I use an App called, Anydo but you can use any App that works for you. The App I use allows me to add dates and times along with being able to make changes so, I have the ability to get reminders of what time they need to be done. It is color-coded and you can prioritize your Events or Tasks which is important when looking at your list at a glance and you can color code your first 3 To-Do's a certain color. I prefer to work on my list the night before with updates. I synchronize my To-Do List times with my Fabulous App times which reminds to do the List and also to find my 3 most important tasks for each day and both Apps together makes for a perfect fit😁!
Ella W.
Though there’s options for electronic to do list, I keep a paper planner where I can write down my monthly and daily to do items on a regular basis. I take my planner with me most places where I would need it. Going over the planner before retiring for the night, helps me a lot.
Then, I set up alarms on my phone to correspond with my to do list. Reminders to get ready an hour before I have to leave so I can get ready; morning mess & night meds; study time; etc.
Caitlin F.
In a notepad/book that I should always carry. Or maybe my phone background
Mattie E.
Write your list, prioritize the things you need to do. As you complete a task, take some time for yourself to breathe, stretch, read, take a walk, listen to music. Then start another task.
Make time for yourself. Even a few minutes is better than not taking time for yourself.
Mae E.
one simple note with action list bullets for today, tomorrow, this week, weekend, next week, this month. Once the day is over, I move the to-do's to the next day or re-schedule according to what is more convenient for my day to day actions
Kate T.
I use a notebook.
I write the date at the top of the page and brainstorm all the tasks that I want to get done.
Next I use two highlighters and highlight the tasks to make two lists (business and personal).
Then I look at the lists and choose the three most important tasks for the day.
Anna U.
I use an application called OmniFocus to keep a list of all my todo’s and then prioritize them on a daily basis. I then write my most important tasks that need to be done in my notebook.