Do you write out your entire day or just tasks not in your regular routine?

Emmanuelle T.
After breakfast, I start by listing what I know I need to do in the day and what I would like to do in the day. Then throughout the day I tick off each task I accomplish. I also tend to add some throughout the day that I think off. What hasn't been done in that day usually is reported for the following day.
Vincent X.
It depends on how my brain is working for the day. Sometimes, I need to do a dump of all the tasks — from small to arduous, the ones I was planning on doing today and any other task I’ve been putting off, and then tackling either the oldest or the most difficult one. Once I complete that first task, I find that chipping away at everything else is a breeze.

When I feel really focused and that my life isn’t in chaos, I’ll write down the tasks that are most important for the day.

Charlotte E.
I try to write everything down, even if it is routine. This helps me feel more accomplished and helps me see how busy I'll really be. It also gives me a chance to purposefully vary my routine a little each day. For example, I usually try to do something creative for 30 minutes–will that be painting or dance? I make a choice and write it down. It also helps me remember to eat meals at a good time instead of getting lost in my tasks.
Caro B.
It depends on my level of motivation. Some days i need better self controlling, or reminding of my tasks, then i write it more. For the rest of the time I will write just the out of the ordinary tasks
Valerie N.
Every morning I sit in the quiet in a comfy chair with a hot coffee and I write my gratitude’s. I have also started a routine of setting my intentions for the day, with the AEIOUY strategy. Doing these two things help me identify the tasks that I want to accomplish and how I want my day to unfold. And so I do have a TO DO List For each day but I don’t plan exactly when I will do everything. I also need to be able to shift and take the day as it comes.
Emma W.
I only write things that are out of my routine, and that are much best done today rather than anything I’d just like to get to today. I find it too overwhelming if there’s too many tasks on the list and having a smaller, more achievable list encourages me to actually complete all the tasks on it
Marilou Y.
I just write out things that are important in the day, the differences, even if they are things I do a lot. I also like to write so I know what times to do these activities. However I do not for example write down when to brush my teeth. I just know that I’m going to do this already.