Do you write your To Do list first thing or do you prefer writing yours before bed?

Wade X.
I used to do it in the evening. But depending on my to dos i tend to get too nervius in the evening. Hence now i prefer writing it in the morning.
Shelly U.
I prefer to write a to-do list first thing as I have a better perspective of what's could happen during the day. Also when I do one before bed I feel overwhelmed as I wake up
Agnieszka E.
I typically cross off what I’ve completed at the end of the day, then transfer all incomplete tasks to the next day. It’s at that time that I complete my task list for the following day.
Zulmara E.
I write my work to do list on a post it note when I sit down and put it on my computer screen. I try to break it into as small piece as possible so I can see progress. If what I need to do doesn't fit on a post it note, I stop when I run out of space. It feels good to start a new list rather then have two that I don't finish. The next day I can take that list and rewrite it with things I didn't finish and things that are new. If something comes up at work, it get's it's own tiny post it note.
For chores and errands I use google keep, with a weekly and monthly list. On Sunday night I move items from monthly to weekly and assigned them a day, ie) groceries monday, clean chicken coop tuesday, take car for detail thur. When new things pop up during the week, like a friend invites me somewhere, I put it on the weekly todo, rescheduling to avoid having too many things on one day. Keep lets you add reminders too. Also, keep lets you share these list. My husband can see my plans and add things he is doing that effects me, ie) office christmas party friday.
Ralph N.
I write my to do list the first thing in the morning because it helps me look at how I am going to live out my day. It gives me structure and that's really important for me to have in order to monitor and alleviate my anxiety prone self. It really provides me with relief and gives me the reassurance that I'm actually in control of my life and situation. It grounds me. Writing my to-do list as a morning habit is hard to keep up, but I believe the habit helps me stay on track for everything else I would like to accomplish in my day.
Ramon W.
It depends on the day. If I can't stop thinking about tomorrow's to do's, I write them down before bed. If it is a easy day then I would probably write them first thing in the morning.
Est Ban F.
I write in a planner a list of goals and to-dos every evening but not right before bed, usually just after dinner. Then in the morning at work I look through my days tasks, write down any new ones and prioritize what needs to be done first. Right before bed would make it too hard to fall asleep as I'd be thinking about what needed to be done the next day instead of relaxing.
Dianne B.
I write mine in the morning; however, I do sometimes have things that are left over from the previous day. Then before I go to bed at night, I review my list from the day and add or remove things from that days list. I kind of view these activities as a kind of opening and closing of each day.
Andy F.
Neither, the to do list sits in the middle-to-end part of my morning routine. A more awake mind let's me write a better list. It also allows for anything that happens at breakfast to be factored into the list.
Gesine T.
I do it in the morning while cleaning up my email.
Ma Lia S.
I like to write out my to do list at night before bed. This way I get everything off my mind for sleeping. I review it in the morning in case I need to make changes.
Bernardete Z.
I like to write one at night so it isn't swirling around in my head, then re-visit it first thing to plan my day and see if anything else comes to mind. I prefer to prioritize in the morning.
Selma W.
I prefer writing it first thing in the morning since at that time you have the most necessary things in mind. At the same time you can make the list regardable to your mood / how you're felling.
Deborah T.
Before bed. I like going to sleep knowing my tasks for the next day. Plus, when I first wake up I'm groggy and may forget something I wanted to remember for the next day.
Bobbie Q.
Sometimes doing it at night works to clear my head for sleep. Doing it in the morning helps me connect with what is happening for the day and set me towards my goals.
Kiara E.
I write my to do list always in the morning. I do it then because I have clarity of mind early in the morning. Sometimes, I take some notes regarding to do’s in the evenings but only if I m afraid I will forget it. If I don’t take The though out of my head I won’t sleep. Then in the morning I have clarity of mind to collect all to do’s, prioritize them and place them in the days of the week. I do the weekly to do’s on Monday mornings and adjust the daily to do’s every morning.
Marion N.
Both! I find a To Do list in the morning is good to get organised and a To Do list before bed allows you to get things off your mind before sleep.
You may also try a To Do list after you finish work, which will enable you to enjoy your personal time more – as you won’t be worrying about what you may need to do.
Denise J.
I prefer to do it in the morning. I find a lot of my to-do-list items depend on my mood. I have a better sense of that when I wake up than when I go to sleep.
Mariechen O.
I find it helpful to set up a routine in the morning that incorporates writing my to-do list. This way, my list acts as an outline guiding my day.
Willie F.
I've been doing it in the morning because the act of writing it is closer to the act of doing it. No chance to "sleep it off" into Oblivion.
Lorenzo A.
I do it twice a day. Early in the morning to review and late in the day (but not at night) to see what was done, still pending and new things that came up.
Alex E.
I prefer writing my to-do list at night, or else whenever the mood strikes me. I can't understand how people can write their to-do lists first thing in the morning. I can't function until I've completed my morning routine! I prefer to write my to-do list at night because it allows me to have some insight into what happened during the day and apply that to my list. For example, if something extra was added on to a project at school, or I got more finished than I thought I would, I can add or subtract that to or from my list as needed. In the morning I might forget to do this and end up doing some things twice and forgetting to do other things entirely.
If something is really important, I normally take note of it in the Google Keep app. I revise these notes in the evening and assemble them into a kind of "master plan".
Remember, to-do lists don't have to include exclusively big tasks. Some things could be as simple as "buy bread and milk". Others could be as huge as "run 5 miles today". Don't limit yourself either way. Use it as a reminder tool rather than a bucket list.

I hope my advice has helped you! Good luck with your to-do lists!

Cenira E.
I write my to do list before bedtime because that is when I make my final plans for the next day. I like to review my list over coffee to get my day clear in mind.
Peter Z.
Usually before bed, but I revise as needed in the morning. I like to review the coming days calendar and move unfinished items, so I can relax.
Greg Ria Q.
First thing, but starting to believe that before bed is more productive & gives you prurpose when you wake up
Henry Y.
I originally did just at night. Now I do a morning one, review it at night, and rewrite for the next day. This seems to be keeping me more accountable to it.
L Onie Y.
First thing in the morning. It gives me an idea on what i have to do for the day. And if i don't have anything pressing to focus on, i make a list at the end of the day on what I did manage to do.
Thadd Us J.
Before bed. It brings me more comfort as I go to bed knowing I have some goals got the day moving forward. Also, I may contemplate how I would use my time in the next day before I am actually asleep.
Eli T.
I write mine in the morning so that I know exactly what I'll do that comes to mind and not just some wishes from last night. You can also easier write what you at least want to do and see if your semi-in the mood for it.