Any trick to really first do the most important tasks?

Ecl Ia E.
Create a daily schedule based on your to-do list which has the most important tasks assigned to early work sessions. This way you can realistically see if the number of items on your to do list is feasible, and you are guaranteed to only do the most important ones first.
Frida U.
I make a to do list and put the most important things first. I also write using a red marker or pen so I know these tasks are high priority and must be completed first. I do the same for medium priority with an orange marker or pen and low priority with a green marker or pen.
Lydia F.
Is the question how to start making the habit? If so, I would say understand that this app is a process, and it is very important that you follow the guidance. At first I thought ‘drinking water every morning, and that’s it!?’ I couldn’t understand how this would help. Now I’ve come to see that it really does help to solidify habits to start off small.
Maja Z.
Okay, I love to "trick" myself into doing the most daunting task/s (like multi-step HW assignments) like this: Start by re-writing all of the questions, tasks, or expectations. NOT copy-and-pasting! Of course, this works on paper, but I usually use Google Docs or Word.

– You get to re-format the questions and give yourself a place to write your answers.
– You can really think about what each task requires. I like to jot ideas and notes in place of formal answers as I go so I can feel like I have a headstart.
– Also, I'll write myself sentence starters that restate the question so that when I'm going back through, I can get right into the heart of the answer!

Boom! Now you have a document that is neat (in a format that makes sense to you!!) and is already off on the right foot — and all you did was re-write the questions!