How am I supposed to find time to do all this?

Albert Z.
Hmm, tough one. I just started with fabulous and it seems pretty customizable. Maybe you need to start a little smaller, with shorter and/or fewer habits. Right now for exercise I have a short set of floor exercises I do, or I get on a bike for 8 minutes. Seriously, 8 minutes. I’ll get to longer sessions eventually but not yet! Try focusing on the things you have time for but doing then really consistently.
Eugene F.
Slowly build up the habits (and the app takes care of this part). And then time takes care of itself. If you do it, you’ll find yourself having time somehow. That’s the phenomenon I experienced at least. Still bizarre.
Maja F.
Minimize what you are doing. Dont feel like you need to pack your routine with 30 different things, pick 5 or 6 per routine and focus on just creating 9ne. Set yourself up for success.