Fabulous suggests we do our to-do lists on paper, but wouldn’t an app be so much easier? We already carry our phones with us everywhere so you’re less likely to lose it, and they’re easier to maintain. What do you guys think? Do you prefer digital to-do lists?

Lukas E.
I use a day per page diary, I find the satisfaction of crossing something off from my diary so much more satisfying. I can also use the whole page in my diary to fit my to do list as well as plan my day through time blocking. By the way I would really reccomend trying this also. I guess it's personal preference though but I found that with apps I would forget to check it and I couldnt have my whole day plan as well as my to do list in a single space. I guess an app is more convenient in terms of space but lugging around my diary is more preferable for me as it's large enough for me to remember to check it but small enough to fit in my bag😊
Hans Josef U.
I use both. I have a few master lists that I put in my iPhone reminder app. I then in the evening I select 3 items that are priorities to get done the next day.
Alfred C.
Yes, i agree. I'm always looking at my phone. I tried planners in the past but didn't know where i shoyld keep them where i would see them or remember to even look at it. I like to do and lists, stuff like that on my phone. I'm on my phone checking emails and such so that is a good way to remember.
Philip W.
I keep larger general to-do on my phone, but then use paper daily to decide what I'll do that day. I use the Full Focus Planner and keep it with me all day, so it's dedicated and always nearby.
Kenzo S.
I prefer the written list because it gives me something tangible to keep track of, and it makes the to do list seem that much more important. That being said, do what works for you, just make sure you aren’t taking short cuts and be accountable!
Derek W.
overall i do prefer digital to do lists. my only issue with digital is having to look at the physical screen so much more. but on balance it seems more effective for me.
Fabio E.
In my opinion, writing on paper works better than doing it on phone. Actually we can do it in our brain which is even easier than using apps. But the good thing about making a ‘real’ to-do list is that it creates a ceremonial feel which helps us to treat our works more seriously.
Monica U.
I was trained to be a teacher and to translate things so, calligraphy is one of my favorite things to do, I would pick up a pen rather than a phone or a mouse , but is it a question of personal choice. Though, I must admit that digital lists are more effective and easy to use .
Mike X.
What I do is, instead of paper (which I think is inconvenient and time consuming) I just use the reminders app on my phone. I set a reminder of what I need to do and an alarm for when I need to do it. Then I can hit "complete" when I finish and check it off the list! I find it much much easier than using a pen and paper and having to keep up with a whole separate list.
Milton O.
Research shows that writing things down using pen and paper for some reason makes it stay longer and more of it stays in the brain and memory with a fuller understanding of it too. I tend to do things on my phone but keep a two page per day paper calendar to take notes and write down questions after having multiple concussions and being told to limit my use of screens, like now it's giving me a headache because I'm thinking too so must stop
M Lissa Q.
I do my to do list on paper because as I’m writing it, I have time and opportunity to think about the things I’ll do tomorrow, not only write them. On top of that, the notebook calendar that I got for this purpose is very classy, so it just becomes a style element
Nora O.
Digital for me.
There are plenty of very good solutions.
I'd suggest to use a tool compatible with the Getting things done methodology….Google for it.
Paul C.
Digital to-do lists provide an easier way to display information, and notably, allow for reminders at certain times to better understand what needs to get done when.