He many tasks per day should I write?

Victoria B.
I personally do around 3 priority tasks a day that I want to get done or must get done that day and then if I think of anything else that I need to do even if I cant do them that day it gives me an idea for what to make a priority for the next day. Now within these priority tasks I do work a part time job so I do include that is a task since it is not a consistent schedule
Hugo I.
It depends on what day it is, and who is depending on you. My to-do list on a Sunday, when I don't work, looks different than my to-do list on a Thursday because I have a standing commitment on Thursday evening with others depending on my time and effort. I try to include tasks like having breakfast, texting one or two people and going for a walk on my list every day because checking my list through the day prompts me to take action. With some time set aside to reflect on who depends on you today (hint: this includes future you!) it will become easier to write your daily to do list.
Gustav X.
It depends on the time you think you'll have to spend in doing it. If it's a time consuming task, one will be enough. Otherwise, I'd consider a maximum of three tasks per day.
Graciliana Q.
Be realistic as to what you can actually do. There will always be things to do. So i sometimes only like to write a few and if i get those done then i can add some more. It makes me feel like i accomplished a lot even if it was just 4-5 things in one day.
Wiltrud Z.
You should begin with a couple of tasks. If you start off by writing ten tasks you might not be able to do all of them and that will have a negative impact on your self esteem. Same goes for exercise. If you set a goal to hit the gym every day and you only go one or two times you will feel like a failure. If you set the goal to be two days a week and you reach that goal or even go three times, you will feel great about your accomplishment.
Louison Z.
I got excited by the program and carried away adding tasks. Of course I couldn’t accomplish them all, so I’m going back to remove all but the essentials. The good thing about the app is the ability to try things out and adjust as necessary. You know what’s important to you and how much time you have, so you can customize your routine until it fits.
Lopo Q.
However many you crossed off. Keep the list at 15 items at a time, cross a few off and then replenish them. This way there’s space for long term goals as a reminder, and about 10 short term things you can cycle through.
Johnny S.
I like to write with the music and timer on the app for 10 minutes. For me it’s not about doing them all in one day it’s about coming up with ideas and expanding my thinking
Hemaxi Q.
I’m trying to start small because I’m more likely to stick to the routine rather than do a lot and overwhelm myself. I’m trying to start with at least 5. 2 personal, one health, one family oriented and something in regards to tidying my home. I’m a mess at it and I struggle with consistency because I lack discipline but I am truly working on it because if I don’t who will?