What do you do with the feeling of “I can’t start a habit because I’m just going to fail at it”?

Moema Q.
My problem s I always keep trying at every thing no matter how hard or how bad I feel I still keep trying even when I fail.
Juliette E.
I say to myself “Can’t never can do anything! I have already failed before ever starting because I must start to begin. Also, not starting is a habit too. So I am reinforcing the habit of not beginning which is negative and contributes to low self esteem and that cycle of negative thinking.” I say “Okay girl, let’s start again” and I change that feeling one baby step at a time into smaller steps and achieve there and soon that feeling will change through each action I have taken.
Soan T.
Google the acronym, RAIN. It’s a technique for how to handle any sort of feeling including the one you described. Find a youtube or an explanation of RAIN, preferably with Sharon Salzberg (she is an mindfulness and meditation teacher). Practice the RAIN technique on every emotion you feel—the emotions you’d rather not experience like anxiety as well as those you like, like happy or content. It’s a great technique to separate the emotion from your identity and within a couple days you’ll begin to appreciate all emotions and you will come to know them well and as a result they have no power over you. The emotion that fears failure that you describe is NOT you, but don’t fight it. Instead use the RAIN technique to in an amused sort of way become curiously interested in the emotion This technique works for all sorts of things.
Amelia P.
I always get into habits i am sure that i’ll like. I won’t get into a habit like celebrating or dancing evry morning because it feels like i won’t keep up with it. Habits like making up my bed, writing to do lists or reading every evening are habits that bring me more joy en luck. Besides that i always try to be realistic about the chance of me staying with a particular habit.
Tim J.
Don't think that way, try to push and be positive that you can do it. Because you have a goal to achieve, and that is to establish good habits & discipline .
Lily Y.
Just get started, that feeling will subside afterwards. We often assume that we need to feel good in order to act. But the opposite is true; acting makes us feel good. So the feeling part follows the acting part. Keeping this in mind we can tell ourselves: “I feel like I’m going to fail at it now, but I’m just going to do it since this feeling will only go away after I actually have started with doing the thing.”
Guy O.
If you planned it, you can do it. I did it, i do these things every morning, evening, and i became a better person. I feel myself more better, healthier, i have goals. You should just start it, don't afraid of fail, if you tried it you can't fail, you will see it. Sorry for my english, i tried to help. I wish you a healthy, perfect life. You can do it!
Mathias U.
Do not take yourselve too serious …do it ….you have a 100% chance to achieve or to almost achieve….just keep on trying