How long can your to do list be?

Tiffany C.
Make sure you only start out with one to two things that you know you will for certain be able to achieve by the end of the day. No more than three daily. As you accomplish more days and obtain more completion time under your belt then the more tasks you can add to your daily ToDo list.
T Nia Q.
Personally, I think it’s less about what’s on the list and more about how much does the items require. Some days ten may be listed. Some days five. It’s also about what is realistically reasonable for you personally to accomplish.
Proc Pio T.
My list can seem endless, but sometimes I just need to realize the smaller tasks I've piled on myself and get them out of the way.
Eliza E.
I always have my journal nearby to jot t down any to-dos as I think of them, but every day I pick the top 2 things I want to get done. If time/energy allows, then I can glance at the longer list. But having a daily list of 3 ensures that I don’t put too much pressure on myself
Kirsten R.
Sometimes mine is never ending and sometimes it’s really short. It doesn’t matter how long it is, everyday it helps to write down all that you have achieved because it will make you feel better even if you haven’t done everything you need. Also no matter how many things you have on it and how important it is, always reward yourself and keep your mental health and relationships high on your priorities.
Hunter U.
Your to do list can be long or short. You do want to make sure that not all your to do lists are long. I like to have a long to do list in the morning to jump start my day. In the evening I need shorter to do lists. When your first starting out, I would encourage you to have shorter to do lists under 10 minutes long. As you see success, slowly add more time to your to do list if you so choose. It’s definitely not a requirement.
Tony C.
It depends on your organization style in my opinion. Personally, I keep running to do lists to catch all of my tasks, but I keep separate lists for my daily to do lists. I get overwhelmed when my list is too long, so working from a running list doesn’t work for me. Instead, I like to set a top 3 for each day. If I do nothing else, I do those things. Then I choose more items from my running lists to fill in the rest of the day. Of course, following that method for each day. I also try to disperse my tasks throughout the week to help simplify and minimize my day-to-day workload. For reference, I am an entrepreneur and manager. 🙂
Rene S.
My to do list is usually anywhere from two or three tasks to a whole days worth of tasks. I like to use my bullet journal so that I can move things to the next day if need be. When I have a lot of stuff to do I prioritize and take it one thing at a time, slowly. If I have lots to do but little energy, I pick the three things that must get done that day and start there. So my to do can vary but I work on it strategicly.