Do you write only a few tasks on your to do list, or do you write everything that you have to do and then pick the top three or so to get done today? I’m never sure which approach is most effective.

Corilyn R.
Personally, I know that I can only get at most 5 to-do list type tasks done in a day. So I usually write down the 3 I need done, and then write another 2 that might not get done, but are the next priorities if I do get the first 3 done. Knowing your limits is important so you don’t end up overwhelming yourself by asking too much of yourself. It’s also important to plan ahead, so even if something can’t be done today or tomorrow it has a spot reserved, making sure it gets done on time. At the same time, sometimes it’s helpful to keep a master list around so you don’t forget about all the other tasks that need to happen somewhere along the line. Honestly, I don’t use a master list, but if you tend to forget the small stuff like washing dishes or any other smaller tasks, it’s probably a good idea to keep one.

Frida Y.
I usually write down few tasks that I have to perform at a particular day. It makes me easy to focus on the things that I wanted to get done.