How do you stop from going back to old bad habits like being harsh on yourself for not being able to stick to your tasks?

Loane E.
Not harsh, but firm. If you are to harsh on yourself than it will have a very negative feeling associated with the habit you are trying to build. All you will be doing is making it harder to build a habit and affecting your self esteem as well. I think of it like teaching manners to a child. Firm and consistent with a small reward for exibiting proper manners (like giving them the thing they asked nicely for, or showering them with praise) but not overly harsh when they forget, just a firm reminder. Same when I learn a new habit. I make firm reminders, like an alarm, a to do list, or placing an object in my own way as a reminder of my new habit. When I complete the habit I give myself a small reward, from showering myself with praise and enthusiasm for a job well done, to making some chocolate dipped banana slices and pineapple wedges. But I'm not overly harsh when I forget. I just find a different way to remind myself of my new habit for the next time.
Lance Z.
To be honest, it's hard, but i just keep reminding myself of my goal. This helps remind me that if i slip up, i have to keep moving forward. Im doing this so i can be around longer for my kids and give them the life they deserve. Find your reason to look forward. We can't change the past, only the future. Hope this helps a little 🙂
Sergei Q.
This journey that you’re on isn’t about the past, it’s about the present and the future. If you do fall back, that’s normal. Habits take time to break and form. Allow yourself to be human. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other
Dimitrios T.
I struggle a lot with this too, so what I try to do is replace the old habit with a more helpful one. So, whenever you're being hard on yourself and you notice, you stop and think "actually, no, it's okay that I didn't finish all my tasks today. I'm gonna try again tomorrow." … or something along those lines, you know yourself better than I do. It takes practice and of course you'll forget a lot at first but hopefully it'll help dismantle the old habit by replacing it with a new one. 🙂 I hope that helped!