Do you find that some items keep repeating in your lists? I.e. that you don’t get around to doing them? What would you suggest to minimize this from happening?

Therese R.
If it’s the same important task that really needs to be done, commit yourself to a non-zero day. If you do nothing else that day, that is the ONE thing that needs to be prioritized and accomplished. Also it’s a good idea to reflect on why that item is continually put off and avoided- make sure to find a way to get yourself to do it right away next time, whether it’s removing obstacles or finding a way to reward yourself for completing it.
Lino Q.
It can be tempting to add all of the items that we eventually want to be accomplished each day. Starting slowly helps build routines. Routines make things happen with very little effort and therefore are easier to continue doing each day. So ask yourself if you are skipping items because you are:
1. avoiding it
2. it just isn't very important to you, or
3. you are still focusing on making other items a routine.

If you're avoiding it, ask yourself why. If it isn't important or you are still struggling to accomplish the vital items on your list, it is okay to temporarily remove the ignored items until you are ready. This program works to help you feel good about all that you are changing in your life, not to beat you up with what you haven’t been doing.

So start small, create lasting routines, and enjoy seeing a new and improved you shine through.

Molly X.
I would try to live those items up, or ask if it’s necessary to have them on a list. Maybe items that don’t get done regularly are things that are often unimportant or they can be finished at a slower pace. At any rate things should customizable.
L Andre Z.
Maybe rescheduling said habbits. Stacking them with other similar ones. Or replacing them with other, smaller ones; breaking them down further.
Donna T.
I absolutely find this! I don’t know if I have a good answer, except that maybe if it keeps not getting done it might not need to be done. Unless it really, really does and you’re avoiding it, in which case maybe it’s about doing the hardest thing first.
Aci Q.
Yup. But I just keep adding it to the next day. Maybe an idea would be to block an hour or a certain amount of time to complete the task on Friday afternoon. That way you don’t go into the weekend with it hanging over your head
Geralda S.
Yes, I find this to be the case with some tasks. I can set a day when I will have time and set an alarm on my phone to ensure this task is done. If it is still neglected then it isn't considered important. I should set it to the end of my priority list.
Ralfe Q.
I reevaluate the items mentioned and try and work out why. Is it just my day is busy. Or maybe the task just isint as important or needed. Some time it is the later. Most of the time it is a sign of me trying to do to much in a sea of my other work.
Ottomar U.
I would be more focus at the task at hand. Due to most of my attention where drawn into the internet world and stuff that I may call procrastinating had given me a hard time in coping up my everyday life. I wish could be more focused and not that easily ditracted from the things around the social media networks and always feeling of missing out on some things such as news about stufff that may interest me.
So notes to self: