How do you choose between every day tasks that need to be done (maintenance) and other important tasks? I’m having a hard time checking off the things I know I can do the next day.

Sofia N.
I struggle with this, too! Sometimes I'll "start" the task by planning tomorrow. I create a written outline of the things I need to do and as I make the outline I see how accomplishable they are and knock them out.

I also use journaling to work through the underlying cause of my lack of motivation.

How does this task serve my future?

How do I feel thinking about this task? Where in my body do I feel it?

Who would benefit from my completing this task?

Which parts seem unfun? Which parts seem fun?

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Kelly U.
When I do my check list I tend to write to many things in there. So I choose to only write the important things now and when I get to have time left I usually try to get the things I still have left done.