How you deal with anxiety and the overwhelming and paralyzing feelings that come with it?

Cyrine N.
Honestly: I can’t remember that I had felt anxiety, because everything in Allah’s hands; and knowing this makes the person comfortable and has inner peace ,and worrying on things specially if they’re in the future takes a lot of your energy and you won’t get any benefit from it
So just Convince yourself that worrying take off the energy and Limits your abilities and pleasure in the life.
I wish for you the power to overcome anxiety and the feelings come with
(Sorry, my English isn’t good).
Niki N.
With a toolbox of tricks that I learned through many years of therapy. Emergency medication for panic attacks. An amazing support system of friends and family I can reach out to. Taking deep breathes. Organizing my day and my life and understanding that it needs to be flexible and fluid. This app has helped reduce my anxiety as it helps me stay focused. But learning to accept whats happening has been a great help. Its super important to understand that IT'S OK to be anxious. It's OK to feel overwhelmed. Just breathe and hold on. The moment will pass. Focus on something else. Distract yourself. Watch your favorite comedian, go for a walk, bake brownies. Do something to jolt your brain out of its thoughts, but revisit it when you're calmer and can think more rationally. Don't avoid it. That will only lead to more anxiety later. Hope this helps. Just remember: you are stronger than your worst anxiety. You are beautiful. And you've got this!! 😊💕
Nunya O.
I may not have anxiety although i am an overthinker, i don’t exactly have a way of dealing with it. The thoughts come and go and i try to not let them bother me too much