Do you put your tasks into categories (like “cleaning, fitness,” etc…), or do you prefer just a standard/numbered list ?

Nick T.
I do! Putting tasks in categories makes it easier for me to structure my day. I also recommend stripping everything down to small effort steps to keep yourself from being overwhelmed.

Say you want to clean your room, writing down "clean your room" sets abstract goals and makes me uncertain of what I have to do and how long it might take. Splitting it up in smaller points, like "dust the shelves", "vacuum your floor", "make your bed", etc. keeps things clear and motivating to me.

Zumi A.
when it comes to daily tasks, i prefer a to-do list. i usually write down tasks for tomorrow before going to bed. i use my phone's note app, but there are a lot of options for daily tasks on playstore/ apple store. for habits like reading, exercising, drinking water and etc, i would use Fabulous app of course. this is an example of how i usually write down my to-do list:

• clean my bedroom
• clear up my e-mails
• watch a movie tonight
• make a painting