What if I’m not finishing some tasks and it keeps appearing everyday in my to do list? It’s like a loop I’m trapped in.

Allie R.
Try and divide that task into smaller ones. Even small ones. That way you chip at at it and it won’t appear the exact same on your to do list each day
Stephanie N.
Seek progress, not perfection. Consistently try and have a "non-zero" day where you complete at least one task. Your to-do's are to serve as guidance and not ultimatums. Have a little compassion for yourself and keep moving forward a little at a time.
Erika E.
If it’s been on my list for a couple of weeks not completed I will try to take some time to think about how important it really is and why I haven’t done it. Unless it’s something crucial and really imperative I will remove it from the list. If it makes its way back on there, hopefully I’ll be ready to tackle it then. If it’s truly important, I’ll make it one of my three important tasks of the day and not do anything else until I deal with it.
Johan N.
Then prioritize it as the first thing you do today. In general though, I have heard that truly successful people don't use to-do lists. They work from the calender, so if you plan those undone tasks into a block of time you may have better luck, or at least made progress in the task. A study found that on average 41% of a to-do list is left undone, so it winds up turning into a graveyard of NotVeryImportant Tasks.
Angela T.
Firstly, look up the science of GROUNDING yourself. Barefoot on the grass. Get energy from the earth back to your vessel. Now, look at your To Do list. Is it you that needs to change or is it the list that needs to change? You own very little for a while in this realm: your body, your time, and your space. Are you giving those out with love for yourself and others? Sit barefoot with hands in the grass and ask the you inside this vessel. Sending you peace and love 💙🙏🏼💜
Brian Q.
Hi, set a side sometime to prioritse that task and make that the first thing you work on that day until it's done. Or consider if it's something you really need to do perhaps it's an unnecessary task.