When is the best time to plan your todo list and what do you add to it

Aron Q.
The night before or first thing in the morning is the best time to plan your to dos for the day. Add the things you need to accomplish that day such as assignments, project steps, errands, and chores.
Maria N.
For myself I’ve learned that giving my mind the space to wake up, get ready for the day, and get a cup of coffee is good before thinking about my “dos” for the day. If I don’t give myself time like that in the morning I feel instantly overwhelmed by all the tasks I have to accomplish for that day. Once I sit down at my desk, which is a place that I consistently do work/tasks and nothing else (I keep my phone out of reach), I begin thinking about what it is I should accomplish that day. I usually do my least favorite/most difficult task first, while I have the most energy. Though sometimes I have to coax myself into it a bit by doing one quick, short, easy task to warm up my brain.
Wojciech C.
Todo list never really worked with me. I never stick to it, i have tried several times and it never worked so I just stopped. Usually I plan things to do in my head and then I do it. Also I plan days in google calendar, for example tis Wednesday is dissertation day and I work harder.
Emma W.
While Im eating my breakfast, Ill reflect on what I want to do for the day. My to do list will usually have 1 to 3 things I want to accomplish at work and maybe 2 or 3 things I want to accomplish at home.
Zuzana B.
I keep my Todo list divided in five categories and I look into these whenever I plan my Todo for the upcoming day. It's divided like this: 1. Scheduled tasks (health appointments, family meetings, anything with a date… I prefer to have them in one place rather than scattered across the diary) – 2. Weekly routine tasks (packing and unpacking swimming stuff, cooking Sunday family lunch, daily cleaning, anything you do every week on the same day, so you don't have to keep it on mind) – 3. Must todos (not doing these someday soon will bring a lot of complications) – 4. Should todos (skipping these is not ideal but can be advantageous in some cases, in exchange for something with higher priority) – 5. Could todos (anything else, including ideas to think about later – this is an infinite lifetime list).
When I organise my day, I usually plan and execute my tasks in this order: Must Today – Must Someday – Should Today – Should Someday – Coulds. I like to do this the evening before, so there's nothing in my way in the morning, but any time of the day can work for you.
Good luck 🙂
Andy O.
Best time is evening so they say. I find that hard add you get sucked into awful the home stuff and you're too tired. For me first thing before the day starts. I update the list during the day
Brad F.
I usually do it in the evening in order to clear my head before I go to bed. In the morning I prioritize the todo list as well as follow it up during the day.