How can I realistically write my to-do lists? I am keeping them grounded but lately I am not able to everything on them. Especially deep work.

Edouard P.
Try categorizing your tasks into three groups: List A, List B, and List C. Put long term goals in ListC (eg. paint the bedroom, refinish chairs, etc). Put everything else in Group B (pay waster bill, clean tub, write thank you, etc). Then use a a weekly planner for Group A. Move three tasks per day. Try figuring out your three tasks the night before. I do best if I find time to accomplish them first thing in the morning or set aside time in afternoon to complete them. Pretty quickly you’ll chip away at your List B and can move List C goals to List B. Hope this helps!
Shelly F.
I recommend the Microsoft To Do app – once you get the hang of it, it really helps keep priorities in focus in a unique way over other apps I've tried. A big part of tasks in general though is learning to be at peace with how much we can realistically accomplish rather than an amount we think we "should". Another factor is being sure to eliminate distractions – try the Forest app, or FocusMe. Good luck! (I'm Matt from – not promoting myself, just saying if you'd like to learn more you can contact me there!)
Lea C.
Actually, I have found that morning is not the best time for me to write the list. I have begun to do it the night before. Fear and lethargy sit at the bottom of my bed every morning so the list may not happen.
In the evening I feel I can take on the wit and so I writ and amend my list in the evening.
So this may tell you that I am a depressive…I awake at five o’clock, get up drink my water, make coffee, and eat breakfast….knowing what I will do that day.
It works very well for me and I hope this will be helpful.
Cristina Q.
I think you should really think about what is important and healthy for yoy,what you should do.If you wanna be more productive and you respect yourself you will write and do the things are important for me.