Do you feel overwhelmed after writing your todo list

Marion Q.
Not anymore. I keep my to do list short and manageable. I keep a seperate log of everything I could do if I have time and add 3 priority items on my do today list.
Bibiana S.
The reason why writing a todo list can make you feel overwhelming is because that you realized the work loading you’re having that day, and thinking about having that much of work and items needed to be completed is quite stressful. Yet, todo list is meant to help you prioritize and realize your work. Whenever someone comes to you and ask for assistance or to give you more work, you’ll have the todo list as your reference to see if you’re capable of doing the task to be given. Meanwhile, adding time you estimated to use and the real time you used for the tasks on list can be a tracker to evaluate if you’ve improved your time management.
Guilherme B.
Sometimes, I feel like I need to do everything, but for real we don’t need to do every single task, we must do it the best way, we need quality not quantity
Kristen Q.
Yes, sometimes I wonder how I’ll get it all done and that it’s a lot to do on top of my other routines. But just remember there’s always tomorrow, and if you don’t get some things done, save it for tomorrow! Don’t stress about it or be overwhelmed it’ll get done soon!