Do you set times for your tasks to be completed?

Antonino E.
I have to set a time along with a reminder because otherwise I will hey busy and before I know it it's way passed midnight and will never bet to it.
Adina Z.
No I don’t. I wake up around 5:30am every day. This usually gives me time to go through my routine and walk 5-8 miles every morning. The intensity of the morning power walk allows me to clear my crazy mind.
Mirela G.
I have tried it but it does not really work for me. But I do set deep work sessions to ensure I deep dive into my work and helps to finish things on time
Alivar A.
I attempt to set times for my tasks to be completed however I end up either alternating to a different activity or I get distracted easily or I just neglect to keep a timer going consistently in the Pomodoro fashion
Shane N.
Depends, for the big three routines I’m focusing on completion rather than time, as speed will come eventually through repetition. As for things on my to-do list I set 1 hour timers to keep me on track
Clarisse Z.
Usually try to complete the morning tasks in the morning, but some days I wake up late which make my routine go into the afternoon. Make it fit your schedule, don’t try and jumble it around your schedule.
Karla Z.
Not right now but when I used the pomodoro technique. I would assign pomodoro's. Pomodoro is 25mins of active work and a 5 minute break. So I might decide a task will take 2 pomodoros. Or assign several small tasks to one pomodoro.
If the task is not completed during the alloted time I would stop doing the task and start the pomodoro for the next task.
After doing the other I can assign more pomodoro's to the incomplete task or do it the next day.
Claudeci Z.
The time is set on the app, but I usually do it when I have the time in the morning. But I do make sure to do it early in my day at the very least, no matter when I have to wake up or leave.
Marilou S.
I set reminders with the option to “snooze” if I am working on the list. This has worked out well for me reason being if it were a one-shot deal for checking the items off, I would tend to check the item as done with the intent to do it and then possibly forget.