How do you break up your to-do list when it pertains to house chores?

Alex J.
I tidy first, decluttering and putting every item in the room it’s meant to be in (headband in bathroom, pens near secretary desk, cups in kitchen, etc) then I put away everything in its right place in each room. For the bedroom, I separate my clothes by hanging clothes vs. folded clothes, then I separate those piles based on tops and bottoms and dresses. THEN I put my clothes away. After that, I work top to bottom in the whole house with dusting, wiping surfaces, changing sheets and puffing couch cushions, putting all the trash and recycling in respective bags by the door; then I sweep and swiffer and im done! Usually takes an hour if I do it every other day.
Ma Lyne E.
I have (inattentive) ADD and a way to approach is to
pick one area first and just that one,
set a timer for that one task (only do it for that set time)
•Take only that time and take a break and repeat it
*Don’t stress yourself trying to do all in one massive all right after another, you are most likely to avoid doing any of it due to overwhelm.