When your days are busy and they change constantly, how do you stay on track.

Tracey Montgomery
I wake up before my normal routine, so for example today I can’t do it at 8 so I was ready at 6 am, sometimes it’s not easy but all is posible if we plan ahead. Good luck I believe in you!

Alexander Kristensen
Only put the stuff in your routine that you can do no matter what – for instance, my morning routine is heavy and I try to make that sacred, but my afternoon one is just drink water and breathe, because that’s all I have time to do.

Maja Pedersen
I think the best way to deal with this is to get up early before your day has time to get busy. Plan meals and routines the night before.

Dustin Black
I use a number of smaller routines that I stop and return to. Each only has three items.
Like breathe, move or stretch, refocus or reevaluate, eat a snack or drink water

Alberto Griffin
Look at my to do list, reminding myself to stay on task when I notice myself becoming distracted and making sure to make note of the distraction so I am better prepared the next time that distraction try’s to interrupt me

Lana Charles
Routines, as in a series of habits where you only have force yourself into the first one and the rest just follow. My personal priorities come before I start my day. My day may start at a different time everyday, but I have made it a habit to do my routine before that, no matter what.

Mike Hunter
As much as possible i plan ahead to be able to complete my routines for which i carve out time in the early morning (5am)