Do you ever put frivolous activities on your to do list?

V Nio I.
Yes. Even though I may very well do those things on autopilot. It’s good to plan out those activities like any other to-do.
Jade N.
Yes. I have to have time to do my hair make up clothes. Play games have a drink. What ever you may, you want to make sure your work and play schedule are combined a good time.
Josefin F.
I dont, but the question leads me to think maybe I should…. I feel better when things are planned no matter what the activity
Alreem N.
Not really. I generally put down the most important task to do for my business or personal tasks that I would likely forget like making appointments.
L Ane I.
Yes, a lot of little things that I’m just curious about but don’t really mean anything. But they stay on my list because I thirst for knowledge.
Francis C.
I’m only just getting into my to do list. I generally write down things I’m worried I’m going to forget. That way it stops me worrying and also clears a little space in my head instead of trying to remember everything.
Annamaria Z.
Actually no, but I used to. Now I prefer to put just few, important things, and let myself free to add frivolous when I prefer
Sharon F.
Yes like flirt today with a stranger or wear a pop of colour. Or take different challenges like a week of love or acts of kindness
Veronica O.
I was used to only put work related tasks in my to do list. However, waking up every morning that a to do list only full of work related tasks and duties started to make me feel anxious. I am now trying to find time during my day for frivolous and pleasure activities and schedule them in my daily life as much seriously as I do for work related tasks, so that I wouldn't risk to feel the need to cancel them or postpone and I would instead force myself to really take time off from work and duties and relax, rest and enjoy my time.
Sara Z.
No, scared to take them to seriously and ruin the fun. But, maybe for someone puting them on the list helps take less seriously other activities and have fun doing them, which is great! ☺️
Nika F.
Yes, I often put frivolous activities because it is easy to get them done and my to-do list looks better with more done activities.