Where do you write your todo list? On a sticky note, a notes app or a journal?

Andrea S.
I put things I need to do in the house on paper that has To Do at the top. It's satisfying to put a line through stuff as i finish.
I do my errand kinda stuff on my phone's task thingy because I'll forget the list at home, but always have my phone.
Cynthia E.
I write my to dos each day in a journal on one side of the page I write a list of to dos (these are taken from a larger list I make at the beginning of the month). On the other side of the page I make a draft of a schedule for my day which includes when I plan to complete my to dos.

If I am working on something throughout the day and some more to do pop up. I write those on a post it and then go back to my task at hand. Then I add the post it list to my journal the next day. So I do a combination of things. If I’m doing a to do list that includes errands outside the house then a post it works well instead of bringing the whole journal. I also intentionally use a journal that is not too large so it’s easy to carry in my purse or backpack and when I travel.

I hope this is helpful.

Kendra Q.
I usually use app called to do but I recommend going on the App Store or going on the android App Store and seeing if you can find apps that help with your daily stuff you need to do.