I can’t stick to my schedule often how can I improve that??

Ily S S.
I've learned that when I can't stick to my schedule often enough, something needs to change – either my schedule, or me!! Sometimes the schedule I create for myself isn't fully compatible with my life or the natural direction of my personality and strengths. Because of this, I spend a lot of time tweaking my Fabulous routines and habits. I know I've hit gold when a routine challenges me to change and improve, yet I'm excited about the process and look forward to checking off those boxes. There will still be rough days when I miss habits, but when I'm doing it right, those days are infrequent. On the other hand, sometimes when I miss a lot of boxes on my schedule it's not the fault of my habits – it's because I'm not making the effort to change, or nudging myself out of my comfort zone. I can tell that's the case when my routines are of a manageable length, and full of habits I want to create in my life, but I catch myself hitting the "snooze" or "close" button and going back to whatever else I'm doing. At times like that, I need to make a decision. Do I want to choose to stay stagnant where I am, doing the same things I've been doing? Or do I really want to let bright changes into my life, and craft a stronger, happier, more peaceful, more accomplished self? When I put it like that, there's really only one answer!! I've come to accept that some aspects of the change I desire will be a long process – my bad habits or psychological scars have been with me a long time, and it makes sense that they probably won't heal overnight. But what a wonderful feeling when I find myself eagerly jumping up to follow a routine that used to be a battle for me!! I've had several experiences like that in the last 7 months that I've been using Fabulous, and I can say the struggle is 100% WORTH IT. The main thing I've learned is to be gentle with myself – I've added the "Show Compassion" habit to my routines, and more often than not it's a reminder to be compassionate with MYSELF throughout this process of becoming the best me I can be!
Nolhan Z.
You could try to have very short rituals for every day, like for waking up and going to sleep, and these will discipline you to have some routine. Start small.
Jacqueline I.
I'm having a hard time sticking to the schedule too. I think the most important part is to not beat yourself up about it, but to simply start again fresh. Do what you can, the rest can wait.
Pauline E.
I make a list where I cross each day when I do that thing.
I try to make the schedule easier to do (less intensive, time flexible)
Sam U.
Write it down. Then follow it. I get mixed up or forget things otherwise. Schedulers on your phone can help but I find it best if it is written down.