What is the most important thing about writing your to-do list ?

Cody W.
Hi dear
I think the most important thing about writing a to-do list is write it based on time.
I mean you know you should take shower before going out, so you should write it before your outdoor works.
Hort Nsia E.
I think my to do list is important because it relaxes me. I think starting my day with a plan really helps my anxiety. I try to include even the small detail so I’m not forgetting and panicking later. I am hard on myself so having a plan really helps me to diffuse.
S Ren Z.
The most important about writing my to-do list is prioritizing and being able to visualize my tasks to be able to accomplish what I set out to do.
Terrance T.
Categorise them into what rooms to do them in to stop you moving around too much and start with easy tasks then put difficult ones and then end with easy tasks
Est V O Q.
Not to get too carried away and make a ling list. A short list with the tasks achieved is more motivating than fretting over a list you have not completed.
Tobias X.
It really helps you stay on task throughout the day. But don’t overload it with too many items, break it down by one or two hour increments. You’ll accomplish much more every day if you actually write it down and commit yourself to doing what needs to be done.
Ronnie O.
Hi 😃
The importance for doing my to do list is so i can get myself into a Routine…
I find if i do it then everything will be less complicated..
I'm a perfectionist to so if i spread it out over the day it doesn't feel like im getting overwhelmed either 😀
This has been great for me so far i love it…❤
Have a great day ⭐⭐
Pauline C.
I keep a weekly to do list instead of a daily one. It allows me more flexibility to choose the tasks to complete that day as time allows. I make a goal to accomplish at least one house work, one work and one self care per day. I review the list in the morning and tackle items at the beginning of the day when I have more energy.
Edna T.
A visual reminder of what you need to do for the day. And a sense of accomplishment when you cross something off the list.
Simon X.
Pen and paper, instead of apps. We are already susceptible to distractions, and apps make it too easy to switch to another distraction.
Diego O.
As i write my to do list i try to think of things i have to do in the order i have to do them, that way i dont forget any of them