How do you not get overwhelmed by your to-do list?

Jessie P.
Some things have to wait, some things are a timing and cost issue so I have to wait to check them off and the tasks just collect and it seems like more than they are.
I get overwhelmed when I can’t get to everything when I want.
Darrell G.
I keep it limited to 10 items or less and I try to write it out in the morning. If i don't get it all done i just add that to tomorrow's to-dos.
Irena N.
I use the Pomodoro technique. I focus on one thing at a time for a certain length of time and when that time is up I decide to either continue working on the same thing, or I dedicate a block to another project. You can find free Pomodoro trackers online. Write down your distractions during your focused work time so you can deal with them later, and then keep working.
Oscar W.
It helps that my whole list is broken up into three separate sections of the day, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Most of the tasks are very simple small things that should be a part of everyone’s daily routine (i.e. brushing teeth, drinking water). I am very busy during work but I try to check in when I have a free moment to keep me on track!
Jennie O.
I do some days. I can't look at the whole list. I pick one and focus on one thing at a time. What I have discovered is there is no such thing as multitasking. Only multiple ways of doing something badly. Focus on one thing, get it done, check it off and move on.
Good Luck 🍀🍀
Isobel T.
I keep it to 3 major things a day. And work backwards M the deadlines to the present. Also which of the tasks fall into the vision /path that I am on