How do you keep from making one long list to choose from where things get lost? Mine is three pages long!

Silje Y.
I break my to do list down into 5-7 different sections. I know somethings will happen further down the line so I drop those and focus on what I can realistically do today.
Curtis Z.
I only make a list of stuff I'm actually going to do that day! Yes, I need to re-plant my garden, but it isn't on my list if it's pouring rain. I keep a master list of large tasks that I pick from each day, and then incorporating little things, like meditate or do 20 push-ups.
Ramon N.
I filter my to-do list by a strong question.
Is this essential to my life/happiness. If it isn’t and it just adds menial labor to my day, I scratch it off.
Carter Z.
I only picked the things that were my top priority for building into habits. I have 10 in the morning which is still a lot so I then sorted them into the order that I would normally do them

Good luck. Small steps can take you the same distance as giant leaps but they won’t tire you out so much.

Alex T.
I use Trello. I have different lists with tasks for today, tomorrow, this week, later. And a list for top high level projects or roles.