Where do you write your to do lists?

Graciliano C.
In a bullet journal! I started using a bullet journal about 2 years ago but this year I've actually kept up with it. It's proven useful and felxible enough for me to depend on it for all my day planning needs.
Sara N.
I make 2 separate lists: one is on my pone so I can take t with me wherever I need to go that day, and the other is located on a sheet of paper in a notebook in my work area at my place so that I can look at a sheet of paper instead of my phone while I work.
Hil Rio Q.
I have now began to use the Any.do app. It is very good for list making since you can categorise your lists in different compartments plus it even has a dedicated grocery list.
Michael T.
I have a notebook. It looks good and of good quality. Almost like a diary, but without dates and extra stuff, so I can decide what I want to write, where.
Sophia O.
I have a small diary that has one page to a day I make my list and cross things off so I can see what I accomplish and if anything is left at the end of the day I move it to the next day πŸ™‚ until it gets crossed off because seeing things over and over gets annoying and having to transfer gets time consuming it’s more likely to get done and the list means I can add or take away as necessary πŸ™‚
Karl J Rgen U.
Trello app is my absolute favorite. You can use it on your phone and desktop. You can move cards around, assign labels to them and set due dates. You can add other people, get notified when a due date is coming up and see all your tasks on a calendar. I love Trello!
Micaela Z.
I have a bullet journal where I organise all my to-do's and write down everything I have to do and remember this day, week, month and year.
For the day/week overviews I write specific lists, like if I have any lectures to read ahead for tomorrow, any appointments or planned workouts. This helps me stress down as I know I can't possibly remember everything by myself, and checking stuff off the list is very satisfying.