How do you remember your tasks and force yourself to check up on them in your to-do list?

Isolete E.
I add repeated tasks to my routine, changing the order & adding new tasks and thoughts as needed. Water is always first and last as I find it helps in so many ways both mental and physical. Next, each day I copy from the previous day my list of daily tasks so nothing is lost. I also copy & paste my list of top 3 priorities from one day to the next, of course editing and adding items as needed. I look at my routine as soon as I wake up. Remember, lists are helpful, but consistent action is essential. Finally don’t waste time berating yourself. Just continue to work from wherever you are.
Ros Lia E.
have a memo app on my phone which i check every couple of hours, plus i write my to – do lists out & put them up on the fridge