Do you have a preference for making your to-do list in the morning or the night before and why so?

Mathias C.
I prefer to prepare my to-do lists the night before. Thanks to it I am ready for action right after I wake up and I do not have to think what I am supposed to do. I just do not waste my time.
Erika Z.
I’ve hear making your list the night before is better for those with ADHD but I think creating your to-do-list in the morning also has benefits. This way you can be sure to remember to list the items you felt were important before bed; and in the morning you can make revisions and decide what to prioritize with a rested mind.
Emma E.
I prefer to do it the night before because my first activities are kids and housework related and I wake up (at 6AM) and have to do it, cannot wait for me doing the list. And in my actual family routine, I can’t go to sleep earlier to wake up earlier to do it. So that’s why in this moment it works best for me this way.
Axel Q.
As long as I get it done I'm happy and it really helps having a to-do list and prioritizing and I try not to make it as long as I used to because I be more realistic nowadays about it and sometimes I actually do it at night if I have the time and sometimes I do it in the morning it just depends on the timing factor and how I'm feeling so it's a preference but you can do it depending on if you have time at night or if you know you'll have a little time in the morning it just depends on you but like I have said I do it both but I find it is nice to have done at night so that you don't have to worry about it in the morning but sometimes the timing is just it won't fit into my schedule so it does get done in the morning and I'll just wake up a little earlier so I know I have the time to do it but either way as long as it gets done and like I said it's nice to not overwhelm yourself cuz if I wrote down everything I needed to do I would have a notebook probably full of a couple pages and that's overwhelming so I'm more realistic now about it and I'm happy if I get a couple things done cuz then you feel like you have accomplished something and it it feels good so just be realistic and whenever you can do it whether it be night or morning depending on your schedule that's the best advice I could give but I appreciate you asking and I hope that it helps thank you and good luck to you you can do it
Marian C.
Do both! Before I go to bed, I organize the next day’s todos. Some people find that making sure tasks are written down allows them to sleep instead of staying up fretting about those tasks and worrying they might be forgotten in the morning. Then in the morning, go over the todo list again. It’s a good way to focus your day. And sometimes you have a different perspective of what needs to be done that day, so go ahead and rearrange your todo list if you need to.