What do you do when you write more items than you can realistically complete?

Abigail F.
For me, I set my expectations on what I can realistically accomplish and what works for my schedule. My schedule as a mother of young children is different every day. What I remind myself is that I am going to strive for what I need to be healthy first and then I’m happiest when I complete my whole list. The days that I complete everything I know I really had an opportunity to take care of myself to the fullest and I did that! Normal days we just do the best we can with what time and energy we have.
Oliver N.
Label them as realistic goals and stretch goals respectively. That way you manage your own expectations of what you can accomplish.
Leana P.
When I do not not complete all my task for that day I move those task to the next day. For example, one day wrote down that I was going to remove the wood off the porch, clean the porch, wash the siding, paint the columns and handrails. Well after I removed the wood from the porch and cleaned off the rest of the porch it’s was time to start dinner and then it was dark. So I moved the remaining stuff to the next day.
Lea C.
If that happens then I extend my time to twenty minutes, but not over. I’m not going to sabotage my routine so I don’t go any longer.
Flenn N.
I have this problem too. I try to use the Top 3 most important tasks method to pair it down but I have to get better at actually following through. I find that I underestimate how long those top three tasks will take and I either lose steam part way through or never start them-opting to do easier tasks instead. I think this happens when my top three tasks are too broad. For example: work emails…I have a huge backlog. Instead of just putting work emails as a task, I recommend putting down 30 min of emails so at least you can just feel accomplished when you've done that time. Instead of getting overwhelmed and not doing any of it.
Lina Q.
I write them daily on my schedule over and over until they're crossed out one by one. My list gets smaller as I go and it serves as a daily reminder of what I can try to accomplish and what I already accomplished.
Priska U.
I prioritize. What is not done moves to next day. My to do list is always longer than what i can fit in a day. It is my stretch goal. A to do list is not a day schedule.
Dale E.
Continually adjust habits and their duration to establish a realistic plan. It may take a few tries over a period of weeks. Once you’ve become familiar with the app it gets easier. It’s taken me a while after adding and removing habits. Also, the option for multiple alarms help out as well. Good luck.
Ilan F.
If I write down too many To Dos, I will end up failing to complete my list. Keeping my list down to a shorter, more priority list, I get my priorities done.
Ed R.
It's either you increase your efficiency in those tasks else you have to prioritize on those tasks that will actually give you results and dump the rest.