Whats your preferred method for crossing items off?

Edgar X.
My preferred method for crossing things off is the one that feels the best to me. I haven’t found out precisely what that is.
Whichever feels the most pleasing. In addition I’d check out this useful thing called the Zeigarnik Effect, which states that people remember incomplete or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. This effect is in part why the cliffhanger ending leaves you wanting to see what happens. I’ve been trying to figure out creative ways of utilizing this effect, but so far the only one I have come up with is to tell myself that “all I have to do is start” on something, and then my future self (a minute from now) who is actually doing the task will probably end up feeling like finishing it.
Carol T.
I have a check box next to the to-do item. If I get part of a task done I might put a check mark or two on the actual letters of my to do item. When I finish a to-do item I check the check box AND cross out the words. This both gives me a way to recognize work that I’m doing towards a task and then gives me a huge sense of completion when I finish a task.
Meghan U.
I just cross a line through them. That way I can read them in the when I review later on. Crossing the task out feels really good.
Marieluise Z.
I like to draw one line through the items so that I can still see what it reads, but at the same time I know it's done. Then, when I finish my whole list, I draw a big smiley face over it.
Isabella Z.
I don’t like to set expectations for myself that I know are unattainable. There are things that I’d like to get better at, but I would do better by getting there gradually. Right now, my fight against depression makes the smallest things seem impossible, but when I am able to check off the small things I feel as though I’ve made an enormous stride in pulling myself out of the trenches. Drank water – check, brushed hair – check, told myself that today is a good day – check. I have moved mountains within myself, quietly and peacefully.
Evan B.
To cross items off I like doing it by the category and make them just a tad bit organized so I can see what I can reflect on to complete.
Caren O.
Using a big, fat maker to cross off each item. When all items for the day have been crossed off, I tear off the page on which the items are listed and shred it to pieces
Mathis O.
I like to run a line right through the middle and then give it a big bold tick ✔️ that way I get a gratifying sense of accomplishment.
Sophie F.
Oh! Hi! To be honest, I write lots of to-do lists in different ways, but my favourite one is to write the tasks on a board (I personally use a white one) and then completely erase them (it's very satisfying and it will keep you motivated, or at least, I hope so…)
Have an amazing day and an amazing life, and don't forget to smile!
Maristela I.
Strike-through, or an X in front of the task.