How do you balance making your to do list both feasible and inspiring? (If my to do list is only things I know I can get done in a day it is too simple and makes me not feel like I will achieve the things I want to

Johanne B.
Put aside some time to spend with yourself even if it’s just once a week! Use that time to self reflect and dream! Write 6 or 7 things down that you want to do that are to better yourself or your future! Or even just one or two that you want to work on everyday for the whole week! Could be anything! Trying new hobbies, working on old ones, growing yourself or just taking care of yourself better!

It might be easier for you to make and reflect if your long term goals. Are the steps your taking everyday moving you forward to reach those goals? If not do you need to add or change your goals? Or is this small task Something I need to be doing?

Or maybe Something more “practical” stay on top of your calendar! When you write your todo list look at your calendar as well! Are the tasks your choosing helping you prepare for those events in time for there arrival? You can get excited for the event or at the very least make sure your prepared and ready to crush what ever is happening in your life!

Barbara C.
I sometimes like having a separate master list where I can brain dump anytime I find something I’d like to get done. Maybe it’s not high on the priority list on a busy day, but this way I don’t forget it when I do have the time and energy to get more done.
Julia O.
That's a really good question! I don't really have a solution, but at least I can tell you what I do. I write more than I can achieve in one day in my to do-list, and the tasks that I haven't finished at the end of the day, I just cross over with an arrow pointing to the next day. That way I don't really feel like the to do-list is left hanging and incompleted. I also keep a second longterm to do-list in my phone, with things I know I won't do immediately but that I plan to do before the week or maybe month is over. This list I edit all the time to keep it up-to-date. And that second list is probably my most inspiring one.
Lori P.
I have been splitting it up. For me u write a household to do list(SAHM life) and a personal to do list. The personal list has things on it that will baby step me to the dreams I want to achieve. So for instance a personal to do list may include:
1. Write for your book for one hour
2.listen to 3 motivating podcast
3. Unplug from technology and take a long bath
4. Read your favorite book before bed tonight for 30 minutes.
This way I am working on things I love and incorporating myself into that “to do/to take care of” list.
Wijenayaka Z.
I try to add more works into my to do list even a tiny works also like drinking water, hang on with fabulous, throw away the mobile andalso add some interesting activities such as, dancing, watch a film and make a dish instead of my main important activities, so when I cross my done activities I feel so happy.
Generosa Y.
If you think your to do list is to easy add something new, something that you would like to learn or a new hobby, or something that will help reach your goal faster. More Important is to be consistent and have self discipline by keeping doing your to dos and progress each day a little bit more. One day you will reach to a point that you are doing much more than before and feeling much more accomplished, because you reach faster your goals!
Evel Cio W.
I think focusing on priorities. If you have a lot of things that need to get done, see what you can space out over the week and what needs done the next day. Then fill in some gaps with what you want to do.
Simone P.
Just try to split a big task or a big goal into smaller ones so you can achieve small steps towards the bigger puzzle. Personally I find it amazing when I am achieving even a small task that brings me a step closer to where I want to arrive
Kristien F.
Let's say, my to do list is 4 days out of 7 a regular list but the other 3 days I make it more inspiring by adding extra tasks.
William Y.
I feel that doing anything on a to do list is better than not doing anything at all. I set realistic goals for myself. Things that I know I will get done. I set a purpose of what I am going to do for the day, not matter what that is. For example…. today I am going to meet a friend for a walk, clean my kitchen, tidy up the top of my dresser (my kids like to put stuff on it for whatever reason 🤷🏻‍♀️), and then I’m going to meet with another friend later on today. For me it’s not so much about the big stuff as it is about staying on task. If I do have big stuff that I want to get done, I tend to beak it up into small timed sessions. For example I have been decluttering my home since the end of summer and have been avoiding the kids room. Instead of taking the challenge head on until it is complete, I spend 15 minutes or so going through things. I hope this helps!!! Stay fabulous friend!!
Selma C.
I am still not good with to do lists always make them too inspiring maybe just reducing expectations would be good so that it does not end up in unnecessary suffering because we create suffering by including tasks that cannot be accomplished.
Michelle C.
Brainstorm all the To do ideas in the morning. Prioritize them as 1, 2, 3 as if tou can only compete three (3) tasks a day. If you could only complete three tasks in a day, which three must be done? Put a simple one first to get you motivated, complete it and feel accomplished. In the middle of the day ask yourself several questions: 1. Did i complete my task list? 2. If not, why not? Did i get distracted? Did a realistic obstactle get in the way, reset the completion date if necessary.
3. Did my priorities change today? What is my new to do list and highest 1 or 2 prioroties that must be completed today, because id they don't get completed today they will not retain their value?