How do you schedule time for creative hobbies, like jewelry-making or drawing when you have a full-time job and kids at home?

Alida U.
I like to wirte so normally I make time in my planner. I don’t have kids but when I have family over sometimes I let them in on my hobbies or ask them to maybe draw something that goes with my writing it’s best to maybe include them. It might help or take an hour or so for your time and just work
Clara P.

Thanks for your question. It is an hard job follow all my duties and my personal hobbies in the same time. I think that I can be a better dad, husband and even a better worker (I’m a tourist office manager in South Italy, Amalfi Coast region), only if I look after me, only if improve myself being and, definitely, if I take care of my body, brain and soul. My family is my priority and I have to be at 100% of my potential to take part of this “magical square” (I’ve two kids). That’s why I force myself to be a little bit egotistical and I leave for me at least a couple of hours per day. Practically speaking, I get up very early in the morning, by 5.30/6.00 am, to do light work out, a short meditation and a nice and complete breakfast, everything alone in the dark of my living room overlooking the ocean out of windows. Then, every Tuesday I play volleyball with my friends and Sunday afternoon I write for three/four hours children papers and poetry. The rest of time I work and run around to take care or have fun of my babies; my wife helps me a lot and she is agree with this life style. Sincerely, Alfredo

Sharon S.
I haven’t been doing so lately.
I used to have a better work and leisure life balance.
I’m trying to get back to my old self and even improve on it. Currently my new hobby is learning a new language. It might not be very creative but I’m making time for it. As kettle as 15-30 minutes per session. Two to three times per week. So far I’ve stuck to it. Hopefully it goes well. When I’m done I wanna learn dancing. Maybe that’s a bit more creative. Who knows.
Manuele Q.
'Me time' is the most important part of the week
Depending on age and other household members
Include them in your hobby
Layout the table with your drawing tools. Even if they have pens and pencils, its it's an opportunity to share a passion
They may get bored and find something else to do
By making it a regular activity can help with bonding and teach children that routine and quiet time is good for all ages
Frances Q.
hi there
I’m trying to figure that
But I do some creative drawing with my kids mostly
I’m not an artist
It’s more fun and good practice to lit go and loose yourself
to feel like a kid again
Emmy Z.
If I set aside a specific time each day for it. I also treat my hobbies like my job since I hate my job and doing my hobbies as a job makes it bearable.
Michelle E.
Remember that in order to look after others you need to look after yourself – you cannot pour from an empty cup. Set aside a time which is just for you – it’s self care and arrange for someone else to take over for a little bit. If the kids are older then evenings after they go to bed or early mornings before they get up can be good times for you.
Gordon W.
I don’t know- the only idea I have had that seems to work but not consistently is to participate in hobbies and activities that my kids do after school- unfortunately, this has led to my kids pretty much doing the hobbies I liked to do as a kid and do now as adult including tennis and piano-

But I have enjoyed learning about my daughter’s ballet which I knew nothing about in the past, and I try to learn about the video games my son plays and then I try to involve the whole family in video games.

I do enjoy reading again and try to read with my kids and on my own.

I do enjoy exercising and ty to I lvove my kids in bike riding and walking outdoors.

But in reality, it is very difficult to schedule and enjoy doing a hobby on a routine basis just for myself- with work, family, household, and kids school and after school schedules, it is very hard to find time.