What fraction of your hours/life should be covered by a routine? Is it important to have breaks from routines? How do you do that?

Nathaniel Z.
I prefer to stick to a routine for the most part of the day because I find that a routine helps me cope with things/ situations better.
Bota H.
Yes it is absolutely important to break routines. I do that on weekends or when I know I’m burning out. Also some days I just follow my mood. What I feel like doing, literally. Eating when I’m hungry and sleeping when I’m sleepy. It really helps to break from a routined life especially if you have obsessive compulsive traits when it comes to scheduling and work.
Carolyn Y.
I believe that mornings and evenings need to have a routine. Getting ready for the day and winding down seem to work better when our bodies now what to expect
Abby N.
10/10. Do not break from routines, it'll help keep you in check but you can add to routines to continue to better yourself.