How do you practice patience in different situations?

Maria Z.
When i realize i am losing my patience or feel anxious i try to stop in the moment, take a deep breath and kind of reboot the system while i wait.
Cassandra T.
I try to remember that circumstances are temporary and that everyone is unique. I am not good at patience. I need work in this area!!
Christoffer A.
I try to focus on my breathing and I play often with a necklace or a ring(I always make sure to wear long necklaces or checkers and rings as playing with them helps me dealing wit th stress)
Dajana G.
I’m a patient person.
But Lately I started to notice that I lose my patience with my kids and I raise my voice often. (Teens makes you humble 😁)
So trying to be calm by carving time for me in the middle of the day to take a walk or simply put a mask on my face and lay down alone for 20 minute or just breathe.
That did help a little and I am still a work in progress🙂