How do you focus on one thing at once without getting overwhelmed?

Vanessa C.
I write down the three things I want to do every morning when I wake up. Then, after my morning routine, I make a giant to-do list of everything I need to do. I consult my 3 things and make sure they’re front and center. And I slash probably hard the list (or delegate it, if I can). I rank the remaining things A, B, and C. And I decide I won’t go to B until all the A things are done. It always surprises me how quickly I get through all of it when it felt impossible at first!
Janet J.
I try to immerse myself in the activity. There might be a million things going on; if I focus on one thing I’ll get one done, but if I try to do a million I’ll end up having done nothing. One at a time is the trick because there really is no other way to tackle things.
Romano Q.
I've always had a hard time focusing on just one thing at a time; my mind and attention want to go all over the place, especially if I'm stressed. But since I've started using Fabulous, I've found that it really is as simple as practicing until it becomes a habit! I like the Deep Work feature for helping me focus on one task at a time – sometimes only for 25 minutes, sometimes for hours. I loved the Fabulous tip for a "Distraction List" – I keep a journal or note pad and pen handy during Deep Work; when a thought or idea distracts me, I write it down, trying to stay calm and unemotional about the interruption. I say to myself, "I'm distracted right now." Then, after I write it down, I calmly return to my Deep Work and try to focus on that again. It's often hard; but I keep talking to myself: "Just stay calm. You'll get back on track. It takes time to learn new habits. You'll get this." It helps!!!
Constantin T.
It’s better to stop and take a break to get some air and space than to get overwhelmed.

It may seem counterproductive, but how productive are you once you start to unravel.

Your body will cause you to take a break if you need one, one way or another, so while you still feel level, get some water, call a friend, walk away… otherwise your body will break itself through tears, and headaches, and fatigue.

Nicole U.
I plan the one thing and next things and decide to not start with others before the one thing has had enough attention.
Kimberly F.
I keep my distraction notebook close by and if I get distracted I do note all the things in it. This way I can get back to them if they're important. It also helps to get the tasks on paper and do the prioritization action on fabulous. It helps you see everything you need to do, choose the tasks with intention, grab your tea 🍵 and just pick one by one to do. Having intent in doing these tasks helps you feel no regret or fomo since you already prioritized them.