How do you avoid using the gadgets?

Karla X.
I like to utilize timers to help me stay focused and on task. When the timer goes off, I give myself another set time again while on break to reward myself before going back on task
Karen C.
I wish I had more wisdom on this, but it's something I struggle with sincerely as well.. what does work well for me is to put my phone on do not disturb and a couple feet away from me while I'm doing something that needs my full attention/focus. There's a journey on the app specifically geared towards helping you overcome screen addiction. I plan on starting it myself soon, but that would be a great place to start.
Boaventura F.
First, figure out how often you use gadgets, and check the days you did: did using the gadgets make you happy?
If so – plan using them in. If not: attempt to make it conscious: I am now picking up this gadget, but this will not fulfill me.