How do you manage to stay consistent on the weekends, too?

Oscar X.
I haven’t: waking up later and less disciplined in the weekends, especially after a night out I just feel like sleeping of and chill etc
Joy T.
I try not to put too much pressure into it. I try to keep into perspective the reason why I am keeping up the good work, and focus on the satisfaction it brings me when I’m done 🙂
Aline Z.
I think it's more about being consistent in what you do each week. I work out Monday through Saturday but Sunday is an off-day that I always have. I don't feel like it throws me off, because I put aside Sunday as a rest day. It's still a normal routine.
Janna F.
I have the morning and evening rituals suitable for all days consisting only of things I manage to do on weekends. And then the afternoon ritual is for the workdays only.