How do I create a meditation schedule for myself?

Murat C.
6am wake up meds stretch in bed good day prayer affemamations. 6:15 sit up up water . turn on phone meditate mudras. Get up pee make bed. Sit at desk. Read write plans yoga .
Wash up lotion teeth.
Oc Ane A.
I connect meditation with positive thinking. Like if I meditate today in the morning I expect may day to be better. It's better to spend 10mints in the morning to give my best for rest of the day. Now mediation is part of my daily routine.
Allison B.
I set a habit on this app!
I do it ever night at bedtime. A work colleague dies it as soon as he wakes up. Like anything, doing it everyday at the same time helps. I also set a 1-5 minute mini meditation “breath” session. When I get home at night I say hello to fberukmr and then I take 5 minutes. It leaves work and the day behind and I geeked refreshed to start all the night routines
Janet S.
Find a time in the day where you normally have space to yourself, with minimal distractions. This is the time to meditate. Outside of that, if you feel you may need meditation time one morning or night, implement that. I think meditation itself shouldn’t always be scheduled, because we never know when we may need it. But to start with, definitely find the time that works best and fit it in to your schedule.
Heinz Wilhelm Y.
Download a meditation app and add meditation to your morning or evening routine. Or both. This way you can make meditating a habit.
Lily U.
You can link your meditation to another routine activity/task such as showering, eating breakfast, or getting ready for bed.
Joerg T.
Start with once a day at a good, open, quiet time for you. Perhaps first thing in the morning or right before bed. Then add to that if you want. For example, you could meditate at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time or another schedule that is already established in your life.
Andrea P.
You got to think of a time where you believe you are not going to be interrupted or disturbed. Best time would be after waking in the morning or right before going to bed. Force yourself for the 1st 2 to 3 weeks, until the habit settles.
Tess N.
I set an alarm. Give myself a little time to wake up and then go right to my meditation because the morning is the best time.
Te Filo Y.
Find a time when you’re not busy, download a meditation app or play a video or just set a timer, and try to meditate around the same time every day. Start with five to ten minutes and try to do it daily.
Teka Z.
Think of a time where you may have a flexible amount of free space in your schedule. Whether it be before work in the morning or just before getting ready for bed. You can always start small and dedicate just 5 minutes until that is an essential part of your daily habits. Once it’s a solid item in your agenda you could extend your meditation time if you wish. Start small!