How in depth do you feel like you need to go into on your to do list, every detail or just key points to remember during the day?

Johanne W.
I think it’s something in the middle. Too detailed lists never come true and I spend too much time on them and end up being anxious. Key points to remember are nice when the tasks are straightforward. But they rarely are, so at least some details are necessary
Seth C.
I like to do two lists; the key most important things that I need to get done, and then another list that’s more of an agenda with everything on it. This means my day is planned out with all the little things that I want to do and might easily forget (and helps with time management!) and gives a timeline of the day, but also makes it easier to keep focused and prioritise the most important tasks.
Erin A.
Great question. The answer varies depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your to-do list. For example instead of saying finish an assignment or clean, be More specific. For example clean the bedroom, or read chapter/ page from (book). If the task requires running an errand, write down the name of the place. I hope this helps. In conclusion be specific and detailed with your list, you will follow it and feel accomplished. Good luck!
Lucila B.
I only put key points down because if I get hung up on details it tends to paralyze me. It causes me anxiety. The key for me is just a prompt to get me started.