What do you do when in your day new tasks show up? How do you keep track of them and make sure you are on the right path?

Silje A.
When a new task comes up during the day, I write it onto the bottom of my list and use a second priority structure. I'll ask myself these three questions:

1) is this something that I need to drop everything I'm doing and get it done as soon as humanly possible — in MY opinion, not theirs, if you know what I mean 😉

2) is this something that I NEED to get done today?

3) is this something that I need to do?

Which ever numbered question is answered 'yes' becomes the priority rating for today. As part of my evening routine, I evaluate the day — did any 3s pop up? What did and didn't get completed? Those things become the beginning of tomorrow's list. I brain drain and prioritize to wrap up the night.

Kirk A.
I usually get a little flustered. I’m trying to prioritize my task now. So when new ones arise I check the importance and add them to my list appropriately.
Zoltan F.
I use a to-do list app. Every time something comes up, it goes in my todo inbox. Then when I have a moment, typically every 2 hours I’ll reorganize my todos
Naomi J.
I have use a student planner. They have room to write details of things you want to accomplish, and you can check things off as you go.
Jackson Y.
Previously I used to put them in my cell phone Reminder app. Now i’m going to need to be diligent about keeping my To Do notebook with me so I can write it down there! If I forget my notebook then i’ll put it directly into my calendar app on my phone.
Hector P.
Capture them in something that's not your head. If it's anything but critical, it can be done later. This is tough with work sometimes. I also have Google remind me in an hour, for example, so i can finish my current project.
Mirko Q.
DAILY PLANNERS. A lot of them. I have one for overall scheduling and another for daily tasks. Passion Planners help me map out my goals and how to achieve them. Getting into the habit of writing everything down has propelled me forward more than anything else