How do you deal with the pressure of never ending to-do list?

Fatih M.
focus on the process not the goal if you focus on the goal of completing all the tasks then it will never happened because there's an endless amount of things to do but if you focus on the process you can continually improve compared to the past. You can focus on whether or not enjoying what you're doing and if it's getting the outcomes you want and as long as you're doing that then that's all that really matters.

Diethard T.
Make a master to do list. Then sort it into three categories: Do Today, which would be three (or fewer) tasks that are most important for today, and today only; these are immediate needs. Do This Week, which are tasks that are coming up due in the next few days; these are still important tasks but they can wait for today. Do This Month, similar to above but are tasks that can be done in the next couple weeks. Do Later, which I use to list miscellaneous tasks that aren't really important at all but I want them done. I write deadlines next to anything that needs one.

Every night I quickly shuffle the list as needed; I write a quick 'why' statement next to the things set for the next day; and I move any finished tasks to a 'ta da' list that shows me everything I have accomplished recently. Rinse and repeat periodically to reset your list, add things as needed, and focus on the 'why's and the 'ta da' list more than the mountain of tasks yet to be done.

Inessa Q.
I try not to worry about it. I will move the unfinished task to the next day and start it as a new do-to list. And the old list is finished and forgotten.