How do you prioritize your to do lists?

Luzia P.
I write the three most important tasks that I want to get completed bulleted at the top of my day’s plan and the smaller, less important tasks dashed underneath. Hope that helps 🙂
Eva O.
I ask myself: what is needed earlier? What will impact someone else? What is inevitable? What would make all the rest easier? What is critical?..and go from there!
Aloisia R.
I’m figuring it out as well and for now I often ask if it’s important and helpful for me and more people, the more the better.
Even at work where duties come up and to be done I tend to deal with important and valuable ones first, that means I will have less time spent on and fewer less important ones done. Things will work that way. My time is more and more valuable. Hope this helps.
Drago F.
It depends, mostly I have the rule that if I can manage it in 5 mins or less, I'll do it immediately, then I get these feeling of accomplishment and get the ball rolling, when I get that feeling, I continue on to my hardest task, task I actually do not want to face and get it done with, and before I know it, I'm done with the things I need to do.
Jutta F.
I think what is bugging me the most, deep problems that take out my energy. I am not sure though that this is thw right approach, as these tasks are often very scary for me, and I tend to procrastinate a lot on them. I am a person who finds it easier to accomplish tasks once I get the easy ones going. However, I need not to forget other tasks and feel false sense of accomplishment