How do you sustain the to-do list habit?

Mirella Y.
I love to do lists to help plan my day! The night before I sit for 10 minutes and think about what I want to accomplish the next day – even just little things if I don't plan on doing much. It helps me to look at and stroke of the things I've done so I am more productive with my day. Hope this helps!
Vero E.
I always make one but sometimes I don't completely do them but I do my best to. That's all you can do is your best. Take it one day And if you have to do one thing at a time.
Marius Z.
I make a habit of checking my calendar the night before and write my to-do list then. I’ll also add to it when I think of more but prioritise the first 3 most important things for the day. Then, when completed, move onto the rest or look prioritising my next MITs for the next day.
Brittany O.
I keep my bullet journal by my bed so I can grab it in the morning. Then I look at my to do app and calendar, add things from there and then write down anything else I think of.
Frank O.
I like lists, so this one is easy for me. And usually writing down the things I know I need to do will trigger some orher thoughts about projects or something I had thought of doing a long time ago. Five minutes of organization and planning makes a huge difference to my day. Nothing fancy; just getting necessary tasks down in writing.
Ekaterina U.
I have kept the notebook where i can see it before going to bed and make up my mind in the night to write the to do list as soon as i get up. I get up in the morning greet my son, drink water get out of the bed and open the notebook and quickly write while standing, it has helped me alot, as now i can reflect back on last days pending works also. My daily routine is not very streamlined and predictable but to do lost help me stay on track and finish things that i plan in the morning. But i am not able to finish the to do list as of now, but it helps to stay focused. Thanks for the read. I hope it helps.
Theo F.
Generally I tried to do it on a piece of paper and keep them specific events in the calendar I tried to make a list every day and sometimes I use or repeat what was not done the day before depending on its importance
Cameron W.
Brain dumping the night before is really helpful, and removes a layer of choice from the next morning. What’s left is deciding what takes priority.