Do you put a time limit you want to spend on each task?

Larry G.
Almost always. I’m a big fan of 15, 30, or 45. 15 to move between small tasks, 30 if I think it will take an hour or less, and 45 is made up of 3x 15 min tasks then a 15 min water in/out break
Marvin B.
I normally don’t, but the more I learn about productivity, procrastination, and time and project management, I’m thinking maybe I should be. It’s commonly stated that we either over- or under-estimate how we’re spending our time. I’ve been working on keeping a time log so I can see where it goes. I have a few big projects due soon and I thinks committing myself to working on each for specific chunks of time will help me stay on track and get. them. done!
Charles E.
some tasks require a deadline, but i don’t like to be limited, it adds a lot of pressure on me and gives me major anxiety. i’m a slow life type of person and i prefer doing things in my own pace, even though we live in a fast moving world of must-achieve and must-succeed. you have to find your own rhythm and adjust your life according to what makes you feel better. some people cannot stop and breathe, they have to keep running. and some, like myself, cannot keep up with that. so you do you, boo
Terrence Y.
Sometimes, especially when I study. I allot a specific time period to finish the chapters that I have to read and budget a time for each page..
Celina Z.
For myself I set different times for each task however I don't set a time period. Some days I may feel worse than today, some days better so the actual time to complete each task will vary. So just as long as I'm moving forward and not backwards I'm doing well. I hope that helps.