Are your to-do Lists more than 3 items? And if so, are they all dealing with the same subject? As in, do all 3 have to deal with work, or does it have a mix of home, work, and social? Which do you find easiest to follow through on?

Hector U.
My to do list is pretty much always more than three items, it is usually 80% work related, but I leave some space for a couple personal projects or tasks. Otherwise I find that I don’t make space for the personal stuff.

Ainhoa E.
The lists I make are organized by categories, with different lists for different reasons. My work lists are not longer than 10 items, with the top 1-3 priorities starred. My housework lists are used for a week and are broken down into the easiest chunks and organized by room…but more like wish lists most weeks. If I star the most important ones, those get done first, lending themselves to more motivated and satisfaction. I keep a bullet journal for my different lists so that I always have them, but giving me time away from phone distractions.

Christopher S.
I have had a morning routine for a long time so that is about 10 things long however i have been doing it for a long time. I am trying to get a afternoon and evening routine. Maybe starting with three things could help be successful. It is just a matter of ignoring the excuses and doing it.

Ramon C.
I have more than 3 items on my to do list but not all are about work. I find it easier to mix with personal, home and social because it becomes more personal, and as so, more motivation it gives me.

Virgil J.
I try to keep the list to a few items or else I know it will seem impossible and I am likely to do none of it. Mostly it’s personal items; I have work to dos but I try to keep them separate because I don’t need to think about them outside of work, unless it’s a rare occasion when they overlap. This is still very much a work in progress for me—not just making a list, but sticking to it!😁

Aubin S.
For me it’s a mix of everything that’s going on. I have to manage work, school and personal life. The easiest for me to do are the more simple ones and that take less time. I get those out of the way. They are usually more than three things.

Antonio J.
Oh yes they are! Some todos seem endless. I always write down everything that’s in my mind in respect to “do”. And the list is always a mix from different areas and projects that are all going at the same time.

Maiara P.
I personally been writing my todos on a yellow post-it for years. every day i start a new postit and i write all the things i’m trying to accomplish that day. there are usually more than 3 but never too many that they don’t fit in the postit. every time I finish one i circle it. and at the end of the day i write the ones i didn’t get to do to tomorrow’s postit and through today’s postit away (by crumbling it) i found this method great for many reasons. 1 the ritual of physically dealing with this tasks by writing – crossing and crumbling gives me extra satisfaction. 2 in comparison with a digital todo, the physical yellow postit stands out on my black desk and it’s always present helping me stay on track and productive. 3 the yellow paper on a clean desk becomes “clutter” that you want to get read of. but you can only do it by completing the tasks. 4 the satisfaction of looking at a post is that it’s all done by the end of the day and seeing it all done all which this morning was just in my mind reinforces the certainty that writing something on a postit means that it’s getting done.

Filippa A.
My to Do list run about 10 days & cover 4 domains plus miscellaneous chores/errands. I try to do as much as possible each day interpreting unpleasant one with others. I try to do the most unpleasant ones first. Sometimes that means breaking them up in small chunks especially when I m too nervous.