A lot of the tasks of my to do list always remain uncompleted. How should I make a to-do list to make sure I utilize the 100% of the day?

Erdal Moos
Do the things on your list right away, as soon as you wake up, right when you get home etc. Also make sure the things on your list aren’t things that require a lot of preparation so you can start doing them right away and make the most of your time. If your tasks do require preparation, prepare the night before.

Evelyn Schwarz
Why are they uncompleted? Are they not highest priority? Do you procrastinate? Is it difficult to predict how long tasks take to accomplish? My suggestion is to track your time & see where it goes, and then make adjustments accordingly. If you’re loading your list with too much, then perhaps take a longer view, and break down tasks so that they can be accomplished over a longer time span.

Freja Christiansen
A couple of thoughts:
1) timeblocking. I find mapping onto my day when I’ll do what helpful for using time effectively.
2) if a lot is regularly not done are you including too much? For me that’s often the case.
Hope this is useful!